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These channeled creations are charged with energy. I made gem sets with two necklaces plus earrings, (Earrings complete the circle of energy) so that the energy of the gems would cover more of the body or chakras. The shorter necklaces are usually soothing and gentle, the longer ones more active. So you have a yin/yang opportunity depending on your mood or needs.

I appreciate if you would send these gem sets on to your friend, neighbors, acquaintances, in other words anyone, you never know who might be interested. Thank you for that. If you do wish to buy one, just call me for more info 760-436-7667, even come for a fitting. You can pay through pay pal, Shipping is free Returns accepted within 7 days. Happy holidays, and may they bless you as they have me.

Bringer of Light
Holiday Sale $180 Now $135

Steadiness & Beauty
Holiday Sale $150 Now $110

Steadiness & Beauty2
Holiday Sale $150 Now $110

Inner Kingdom - Royal Light
Holiday Sale $200 Now $150


 Happiness & Wonder
Holiday Sale $200 Now $150

 Abundance & Strength
Holiday Sale $200 Now $150


Inner Support & Confidence
Holiday Sale $200 Now $150

Shaman's Jewelry
Holiday Sale $235 Now $170

Insight & Love
Holiday Sale $200 Now $150

Blue Green World - 3 Necklaces 2 Earrings
Holiday Sale $225 Now $170