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Next Print signing Party

music, talks, art

on February 12th

December 18th - Art and Reiki

It was a heart filled event, with 30 colorful paintings on the wall, placed at the Postire Biomechanics Foundation in Solana Beach, a large studio that looked like a dance hall with wooden floors and large mirrors on one side.

GArit played the mbira, while Tova shook rattles that looked like fruit, garit has a group called Zimbeat, And you can find out more about him on Facebook. Mbira is part of zimbabwe Ceremonial Music In the Shona tradition of Zimbabwe, mbira musicians represent the wise men of the culture; their performance often serves as a catalyst for spiritual awakening. reiki often does the same as it helps us to relax into who we are.

Lurel Baker, Reiki Energy Therapy for Animals and their People, Kimberle Taitano, Healing From Within, and Mirna a Reiki/Seichim Master gave short much appreciated and seated Reiki treatments.

Colorful art like banners covered the walls, carefully placed so people could stll do exercises later at the foundation. I walked around and tallked to people about themselves, me, life and the art. it seemed to have a relaxed coffee house atmosphere combining food, wine, music, art and healing. I sold a few prints and it felt good to know that my art was going to be part of their lives and homes.


Pictures from December 18th - Art & Reiki

Print signing Party Art Opening

music, talks, art

on December 18th
Posture Biomechanics Foundation at
114 N. Rios Avenue, Solana Beach, 92075

5:30 to 7:00

mburack@reikihealinginstitute.org 760-436-7667